Our Story

For too long courts have been confined by the boring borders of blue, black and white tennis grips. It's time to push the boundaries, serve up a slice of colour, grab life by the grip and #MakeARacket.

Founded in 2020 from a surplus of free time (no prizes for guessing why), Get A Grip Club was created to remind players what picking up a racket is all about - stepping on-court and having fun.

Inspired by retro tennis fashion pioneers (we’re looking at you Andre), art, music, culture, you get the picture - Get A Grip Club is here to Create Vibes On Court.

Though we can’t commit to improving how you play on court, we can promise to ensure you look damn good when you’re out there.

But we’re not just a pretty face. Get A Grip overgrips perform as well as they look, providing a durable Non-Slip hold, with quick moisture absorption keeping hands dry. We scoured far and wide, and use only the best quality materials for our overgrips & dampeners.

About the founder

A life-long tennis fanatic, James was sadly denied the God-given talents to make it as a pro-tennis player and pursue his dream of jet-set sun-bathed trophy lifting.

After finally coming to this realisation himself in his mid-twenties, a solid decade longer than it should have taken, James decided ‘if you can beat them, you can at least look good as you do it’.

Never content with the contemporary, the Get A Grip Club was born out of the frustration with the boring grips littering courts. Tennis is a game of style and finesse, where the more outrageous the outfit, the better the player (actual results may vary).

So why do we not see the same wisdom when it comes to our rackets?

The answer - we totally should. So James set about creating a line of On-Court Essentials vibrant enough to reflect the creativity and charisma of his best-loved pastime.

If you share this passion, then welcome to the Get A Grip Club, take a look around and get ready to #MakeARacket.