Why All Tennis Players Need Racket Overgrips

Why All Tennis Players Need Racket Overgrips

Regardless of your expertise in playing tennis, if your racket grip isn't up to par, you will have a hard time playing the game. Above all, the actual ball-striking action starts with a firm grip over the tennis racket. The better your control over the tennis racket, the more precise your shots will be. It is exactly where the tennis racket grips come into play.

This article reveals the many benefits that tennis racket grips offer and how they can help improve your play, providing you the edge you need to win.

The benefits of tennis racket grips – Feel better, play better

  • Improved grip

As the name suggests, tennis racket overgrips improve your grip by providing an extra layer of material to hold onto. They are especially helpful if your hands tend to get sweaty or slippery during a match, which is not unusual. As overgrips absorb sweat, they keep the tennis racket from slipping from your hands. Thus, the tennis racket grips help you maintain firm control over your racket even when sweating.

  • Eliminates fatigue and blisters

Overgrips add cushioning to the handle of your racket, making it more comfortable to carry. In turn, this padding reduces hand fatigue and blisters, allowing you to keep playing your best.

  • Provide extra protection

The tennis racket grips, whether padded or in the form of tennis overgrip tape, protect your racket's handle from wear and tear. They prolong the life of your racket and save you money in the long run.

  • Easy to apply

The best tennis overgrip is easy to apply. Usually, all you need to do is peel off the old grip and put on the new one. In a matter of minutes, you can slide the padded overgrip up your tennis racket handle or wrap the tennis overgrip tape around it.

  • An affordable way to fine-tune a racket

The tennis racket overgrips are not costly. Therefore, they form an excellent choice to fine-tune and customize your racket without having to break the bank.

Why do professionals use overgrips – A key to improved performance

While on the tennis court, professionals need to be on top of their game. Even a slight discomfort and disturbance can hamper their performance significantly.

As mentioned above, tennis racket overgrips keep the rackets from slipping. Further, the added cushioning to the handle of the racket makes the grip even more comfortable while lowering the chances of hand fatigue and pain. Therefore, with better control over the tennis racket, they are able to make precise and powerful shots.

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